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******NUIM Computer Centre Bulletin******


Update 11-Apr-2014 @ 3pm

Due to an issue caused by the recent patching of the University's anti-spam software to fix the Heartbleed vulnerability, incoming and outgoing e-mail may be queued for up to 24 hours. No mail should be lost, and normal service should resume by tomorrow morning, 12th of April.

• Re Heartbleed Computer Vulnerability
• Issued : 10-Apr-2014 @ 12:00

Many of you will be aware from media reports of the Computer Vulnerability called Heartbleed ( This vulnerability is a global issue. In general, you should heed the advice regarding it from the various external service providers you use on the internet (incl. e-mail, file-storage, subscriptions)

As regards systems and services on-campus at NUI Maynooth: we are in very good shape. Many of our systems were never susceptible to this issue. Most of those that were susceptible were patched immediately on release of the fix.A small number of non-critical services have been disabled while we perform health-checks on them.

We are liaising with systems administrators in other NUIM departments and asking them to perform health-checks on the departmental systems/services for which they are responsible.

We are liaising with third-party suppliers and asking them to confirm the status of the externally-managed and/or cloud services they provide to us.

Finally, we advise that it is not good practice to also use your NUIM password for external services. If the external service (over which NUIM has no control) is compromised, your NUIM password may also be compromised. If you are using your NUIM passwordfor external services, please change your NUIM password using

We will issue a further communication if there are significant developments or if further information becomes available.


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